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Termite Detection Dogs

Detection dogs are extensively used by Police and Customs Officials to uncover the prescence of drugs and explosives. Canines are regularly working throughout in airports checking passengers for any illegal items that they may have.

It makes sense to use trained dogs for the detection of termites in buildings. Termite dogs are trained the same way as Police and Customs dogs except that they are taught to find the scent of termites rather than the scent of an illicit substance.

Elders termite dogs undergo months of training with our nationally accredited dog trainers before being put into service. It is this thorough training that makes them the most efficient and effective termite detection tool available.


Our termite detection dogs can walk through a property and pick up the scent of the item they are trained to find - termites. The dogs hone in on the area of infestation and give their handler a positive signal that they have found active termites in the building by sitting down at the point of the activity.

Our Beagles are placid, well behaved, clean, medium-sized dogs that will not intimidate you or your family in your home. Find out more>>

Termite Detection Dogs

Elders Termite Detection Dogs and their Handlers have passed the requirements to become a Preferred Supplier to AQIS (Australia Quarantine & Inspection Service). Find out more about our endorsement by clicking here >>


Termite Detection Dogs

Watch our detection dogs in action, play the video below.




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