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Termite Inspections

Termites can do a lot of damage before you notice them. The only way to guard yourself against the massive (uninsured) losses they can create is with proactive termite control methods. Termite inspections form a vital part of your early warning system.

With Elder's peak quality termite inspection and general pest control systems, you'll have No Pests, No Problems.

Our Termite Inspection System
Your termite inspection company is focused on total quality, and our termite inspections are thorough not only by traditional standards, but also employ innovative methods to ensure we catch any termite activity, no matter how minimal.

Our termite inspections are carried out in accordance with Australian Standards AS3660.2 and AS4394.3. They include:
- Visual inspection of the timbers of your home that are subject to termite damage
- Use of a borescope and microwave technology instruments to detect termite movement within timber (invasive inspection)
- Particular attention is paid to areas that are conducive and attractive to termites
- Termite inspection of both exterior and interior structural items such as building foundations, skirting boards, cornices, mouldings and roof timbers.

If necessary and suitable, we will also use our termite inspection dogs. These dogs are trained to the same standard as police explosive or drug dogs, but to detect termites. They are quiet, clean and non-intimidating.

Elders also provides a written report with every termite inspection. This will list:

- Results of the termite inspection, including presence of termites and/or damage
- Recommendations for further protection, including liquid barrier application or installation and monitoring of a termite baiting system, as well as elimination of environmental conditions which favour termite colonisation
- Recommendation for treatment following the termite inspection, if any current activity is exists or inadequate termite protection found

Termite Inspections - What You Need to Know
Termite inspections are a small but vital part of your total termite control plan. Here's what you need to know about them:

You should be home for termite inspections: Elders termite professional should have access to the interior of most homes in order to give you the all-clear in the inspection report.

Termite inspections should be done by licensed professionals: All of Elders termite inspection professionals are fully qualified and licensed.

Termite inspections should be done at different intervals throughout the year in different areas: Termite activity varies significantly across Australia. Ask your Elders termite inspector for guidelines on how frequently your home should be inspected - don't assume that your schedule will be the same as in a previous home.

Ask your Elders termite inspector how you can help: You are the most valuable element in a termite inspection and detection program. Ask your termite inspector about the signs you can watch out for on a monthly basis to offer exceptional early termite warning.

If termites are discovered, you should never self-treat: If you try to repair or replace infected timbers found after a termite inspection, the termites will withdraw from the area and greatly increase treatment time and costs.

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