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Termite Baiting

Termite baiting is the control method by which homeowners can gain the most peace of mind. Termites have been known to completely destroy the structural and roofing timbers of a new home within 3 months, so yearly inspections should be a backup method of termite control only.

Termite baiting with Elders quality tested products and complete guarantee means that you can live with No Pests, No Problems™.

Termite Baiting - What You Need to Know
Termite baiting is a method of quickly and easily monitoring for termite activity in your soil - subterranean termites are the ones that cause most economic loss in Australia. Here are some pertinent facts about termite baiting in general:

Termite Baits

Termite baiting should be part of an integrated strategy: In order to truly protect your home (and also to be eligible for the Elders Termite Guarantee), termite baiting activities cannot be your only termite control strategy. You also need regular inspections and liquid barriers to maintain effective protection.

Baits can destroy the colony: Elders can either place a poison in the bait station, or dust the termites that have collected in it, in order to destroy the colony.

You should not check bait stations yourself: Some species of termites are shy, and retreat from both disturbed areas and human activity. Elders use tested techniques to ensure that we catch insects in termite baiting stations.

You don't need to be home: Termite baiting stations are more convenient than having full inspections at the same interval because you don't need to be home for our pest control experts to do their work.

Our Termite Baiting System

Here's how Elder's termite baiting system works:
- The termite baiting system is strategically installed around your property in order to detect and control termite colonies
- The termite baiting stations are checked periodically
- Bait is placed in those stations in which termite activity is found
- Once a colony is controlled, monitoring continues to help protect your home.

With the Elders Termite Baiting Programô, monitoring and baiting can be done without entering your home, so the service can be performed unobtrusively and without disrupting your schedule.

Termite Baiting Demo

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The Ultimate Termite Solution Package
Check out the Elders Total Termite Plan™ which packages our termite baiting system with a regular termite inspection and a $100,000 warranty - all for a simple monthly payment. Click here fore more >>

Elders Total Termite Plan

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