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Pest Control - Information on Pest and Termite Control

Pest Control is as old as agriculture itself due to the need of farmers to keep their crops free from pests. Over the progressing years pest management has become a mutli-billion dollar industry.

Elders Pest Control Technicians are hand-picked operators that are fully licensed and have the backing of an ISO9001 Quality Endorsed Company. Elders are also Environmentally Endorsed and Occupational Health and Safety Endorsed and require our Technicians to carry our Risk Assessments on every service call.

Integrated Pest Management

Gone are the days of toxic chemicals or fumigants being used. Much has changed in pest control methods. At Elders, pesticides are replaced by non-chemical means of control. Greater emphasis is placed on localised detection of pests and that is why we utilise fully trained pest detection dogs. It's a process called Integrated Pest Management or IPM and combats pest control problems from several different angles including measures pertaining to physical, cultural, biological and chemical.

1. Physical means of pest control primarily involves the actual prevention of the pests' existence in a particular area. Physically preventing their ingress through physical barriers such as weather-strips on doors, fly-screens on windows, covers on drains, and the sealing of any cracks and crevices where pests may harbour.

2. Cultural means of pest control deals with things like hygiene and best practice methods for maintenance. Its' focus is to minimise the 'conducive-ness' of the environment so that pests don't necessarily want to live there. Most common methods of cultural pest maintenance involves regular cleaning of the area - an unsanitary environment is an ideal spot for pests.

3. Biological control methods are less commonly used and involve natural biological processes and materials that can provide control with minimal impact on the environment. The focus is on 'beneficial pests' that will eat or kill the target pest. Such practices can have side-affects such as the introduction of the cane toad in Australia to combat cane beetle.

4. Chemical methods of pest control are generally only used when required. Most modern chemicals are derived from plants or naturally occurring substances and minimal (if any) affects on humans and other warm-blooded animals.

Pest Control Industry

The Australian pest control industry has an abundance of contractors and service providers all claiming to be 'specialists' of some sort. This is due to the relatively low barriers to entry to the pest control trade, resulting in hundreds one-man-band operations who simply do not have the resources to maintain up-to-date knowledge on best practice methods of control. And approximately 65% of the Australian pest control industry is uninsured. Many of these pest control operators do not distinguish between residential and commercial pest control treatment methods and conduct the same service in both environments. They compete on the cheapest price which is desired by some consumers, particularly in the low-end commercial sector. But like anything in life, you get what you pay for and this is usually a lot of trouble and wasted money.

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