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Residential Pest Control Services

Your home is your castle. The one place you want to be able to relax, feel safe and unfettered, and simply enjoy life. However, pest infestations can make your home feel more like a prison to be endured than a haven.

Elders residential pest control experts can give you back your life, protecting you and your family from the inconveniences, the monetary disaster and the health dangers of insects, rodent and bird pests.

With Elders residential pest control services, you'll have No Pests, No Problems.

Elders Residential Pest Control Services
Elders offer a full suite of pest control services and a single point of contact for your home, no matter what pest is bothering you. You can get specialist residential pest control services from Elders like:

Termite Control Programs, including regular inspection services, baiting and the market-leading Termidor products.

Fly Control Programs
Mosquito Control Programs

General residential pest control - Eradication of cockroaches, spiders, ants, fleas, silverfish; almost anything that crawls or flies.

Choose Elders for your residential pest control, and you're choosing the very best for your home, your children and yourself. Get a FREE quote today for any of our residential pest control services.

Why Elders? Our Benefits for Homeowners

There are a hundred residential pest control operators across Australia. But only Elders offers the unique set of benefits for homeowners below:

Highest quality service: Elders offers the best quality residential pest control of any Australian company. Our ISO9001 certification means that our business is bound to continually evaluate our work with respect to quality standards, quickly rectify any problems and continually assure customer satisfaction and the highest levels of pest protection.

Chemical-free solutions: Not all Elders residential pest control methods are chemical-free - effectiveness comes first. However, the vast majority of our pest control treatments can be carried out with techniques that are natural and pose absolutely no threat to your family. Temperature-based solutions, attracting and trapping and localised baits are our preferred methods ... and these help keep your family safe.

Environmentally friendly solutions: Feel good about dealing with Elders - we are a certified environmentally responsible company, so arranging your residential pest control with us helps you do you your own part for the environment.

If you want the very best for your home and family, get a residential pest control quote today. Use the form at left to get an easy quote, or contact us using your preferred method.

PestPLUS� is the most advanced pest control service ever offered for residential properties in Australia. It is designed to rid your home of crawling pests such as, cockroaches, ants, fleas, spiders, silverfish, earwigs, rats, mice and many more*, for an entire year.

Our Guarantee

Elders offers all our residential pest control customers a guarantee of quality service with regard to termites, which are potentially the most expensive and dangerous residential pest. The guarantee is:

Elders will covers the repair costs of any new damage caused to the timber of a house by subterranean termites while it is under our Termite Protection services. The guarantee provides cover for repair costs up to the value of $100,000.

Check out the other simple Termite Guarantee terms, or get in touch with an Elders residential pest control expert today.

Why Residential Pest Control is So Important
Some household pests you can live with - the odd fly in the kitchen or line of ants along the bench will do little harm. Yet many household pests have the potential to do a lot of damage - to yours and your family's health, your home itself, and your visitors. Here's why residential pest control should be one of your top priorities:



Potential for disease: Household pests are commonly known to spread diseases like salmonella, streptococcus, staphylococcus, leptospirosis, Ross River fever, dengue fever, encephalitis and even the bubonic plague. It is not unknown of cases of iron deficiency anaemia to be caused by bed bugs, also.


Cut down cleaning time: Cockroaches, mice and rodents are particularly dirty - get rid of them and you'll cut down cleaning time.


Protect your property: Termites are the best-known danger to your home's actual structure. However, mice and rats can also chew electrical cables, causing household fires.


Reclaim your backyard: It is often when the weather is best, that pests like mosquitoes and flies are worst. Elders residential pest control options will help you reclaim your yard.

Delaying your residential pest control services could have serious consequences. You can get a FREE quote for any of Elders residential pest control services using the form at left, or our standard contact options today!


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